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Ski pass in Boí Taüll

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The ski pass service is used for the use of the lifts and slopes of the entire ski area of Boí Taüll. 

Ski safe against COVID-19

Boi Taull Forfait

Hygiene and prevention measures COVID-19 in the provision of the service in Stations, Schools and Rental Stores.

In the provision of services, the following hygiene and prevention measures will be taken:

Medidas Covid 19

  • Cleaning and disinfection of equipment, particularly helmets, as well as any other contact surface, between one client and another. Likewise, the premises will be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day.
  • Dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with virucidal activity authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health will be made available to the public, in any case at the entrance of the establishment or premises and at the exit of the bathrooms, which must always be in conditions of use.
  • An itinerary will be established on the premises to avoid crowds in certain areas and prevent contact between customers, respecting the minimum safety distance of 2 meters.
  • The working personnel who perform the care, will guarantee the safety distance with the client and will apply the necessary hygiene and prevention procedures to avoid the risk of contagion.
  • We recommend paying by credit card, disinfecting the TPV after each use.
  • Permanent air renewal.
  • Mask; For people over 6 years old, the use of a mask is mandatory in the Boí Taüll facilities: ski lifts, boarding areas, closed spaces, restaurants, hotels, shops and rentals.
  • Accesses; A special system of organization of access queues to the cable cars and other mechanical lifts is established.
  • Ski lifts; Mandatory use of a mask. They will have limitation.

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